New Mill: Rockwell Horizontal Milling Machine 21-120.

This week I managed to locate and purchase a new milling machine.  A Rockwell International 21-120.

IMG_1093 IMG_1094

This will take some work to bring back to life.  It is missing the motor, mount, arbor arm support and all tooling.  A previous owner converted it to a Vertical mill by mounting a Rusnok milling head to the arbor support arm.

I plan on using the Rusnok head until I can locate and mount a Bridgeport M head on the system.  This is the conversion I would like to emulate.

For now this is sitting in the garage until I can find the time to dismantle it an move to the basement.  Having moved a South Bend 10″ lathe down the basement stairs I am very confident that this will not make the trip safely in one piece.

On one hand I want to wait until warmer weather so I can dismantle and paint the mill before moving.  On the other hand I would hate to see it languish in the corner of the garage for 4 months.

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