Rockwell 21-120 V-Belt Search

In order to restore my Rockwell Horizontal Milling Machine I will need to get a motor mount, motor, pulley and another v-belt.

Here is what I can find out about the v-belt.

The Mill manual shows this as: Cat. #49-084.

Fortunately there are two belts on this machine and they are both the same.  I already have one of them.


Unfortunately the belt I have has no manufacturer markings on it, so I cannot learn much from it.  It also looks like I need to remove the jack shaft pulley in order to remove and measure the belt.  The belt looks very narrow.

Googling the part number pulls up a NATO Stock Number of 3030-01-218-6698.

This in turn maps to a Gates 7M730, or a Delta International 49-084.

This tells me it is a Gates 7mm PolyFlex belt.  9/32″ wide (looks right), ribbed back, 730mm long.

I wish I could find this belt on the Gates website (the parts search function is not working this afternoon).  The best I can find so far is this Product Application Notes pdf.

It appears this is also a Bando 7M730 belt.

The Gates belt appears to be widely available on Amazon, eBay and other sites.

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