Teardrop Trailer: Requirements

So, I am thinking about getting a teardrop trailer.


I think it would be a good idea to start with the requirements.

  • Dry Weight: 1200lbs max.
  • Loaded Weight: 1900lbs max.
  • Tongue Weight: 200lbs max.
  • Bed size: Queen, 60″x80″ or 5’x6’8″
  • Bed quality: a real mattress, not a foam pad in many sections.
  • Battery power.
  • Sink: 15 gallon fresh water minimum.
  • Gas Burners: 2
  • Cooler: 20 gallon minimum.
  • Storage: somewhere above pillow, for CPAP.
  • Bluetooth speakers.
  • USB ports for phone/ipad charging.

Things I have seen that I like:

  • Torsion axles.  Less ground clearance required.
  • Electric brakes.  Although I am not sure I am ready to wire a controller into the car.
  • Minimal amounts of plastic: linoleum, Formica, PVC paneling, etc.
  • Large windows on door for maximum ventilation.
  • Rear hatch headroom: 6’4″ person can walk around and under it without hitting their head.

Ideas I kind of like, but am not sure exist:

  • All drawers in galley area should be easy to lift off and carry into the house for packing, unpacking.
  • Inside storage should also integrate some kind of container that can easily be moved into the house for packing/unpacking.
  • Be nice if there was a way to add an awning, or vestibule to provide shelter over the door(s).

Questions I have:

  • To where does the sink drain?  Do they have grey water tanks?  Does it drain onto the ground?  Does it drain into a bucket that you then haul off and dump?
  • When I come back from a hike and have a wet raincoat and muddy boots; what do I do with them as I get into the trailer?  I see myself opening the door, taking off my coat, sitting in the doorway, taking off my boots, and then what?  I don’t want to bring them inside, they are wet and muddy.  I don’t want to leave them outside…
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