First Tattoo

Thinking of getting a Tattoo for my birthday.  I am a bit old for a first Tattoo.  I do not know anyone my age that has a Tattoo, so in some ways it seems a bit odd.

I am not sure what my motivation is.  I do know that there are some stained glass patterns that make me very happy when I see them.  I like the geometry and simplicity.  It occurred to me that it would be nice to see something like that on my wrist.

I am not sure how one goes about doing this.  I have not seen too many examples that hit the mark.  Perhaps if I provide some examples of what I am thinking a Tattoo artist may be able to guide me through the process.

I am thinking of something 1.5″x3″ on the inside of my wrist/forearm.

Here are some images I find compelling.

Tree of Life, Frank Lloyd Wright, 1904.


Coonley Playhouse Window, Frank Lloyd Wright, 1912.


Martin House Interior Window, Frank Lloyd Wright, 1905.


Dana House Dining Room Window, Frank Lloyd Wright, 1899.

download (1)9b187495641d9cd7c35870d3f843d109

(The Tattoo is much larger than what I am interested in)

Dana House Autumn Sumac, Frank Lloyd Wright,


Willits House Sky Light, Frank Lloyd Wright, 1901


Brinsmeade House?  Frank Lloyd Wright


Barton House Window, Frank Lloyd Wright, 1903.


Robie House, Frank Lloyd Wright,

90053a450f7ad25138d291526ff2bbe72c31 (This has heavier lines than I was thinking, also would like a bit of color)

Hollyhock House skylight, Frank Lloyd Wright, 1923.


Charles Rene Macintosh Inspired Mirrors:


Thorsen House, Greene & Greene


I find the geometry and line weight of these Tattoos pretty amazing:


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